This weekend, we went to a few flooring places near Century City to weigh out the various options. I’ve always been a lover of hardwood floors, but as I’m constantly reminded by my ohhh so practical hubby, there’s a few downsides to wood…

1. its really expensive
2. in South Africa, we wear our shoes inside the house and wood + stilettos = bad idea
3. we’re probably going to open the baby factory soon so we’ll be in for lots of toy cars and action figures banging on my beautiful wooden floors (and I don’t want to be one of those mom’s that freaks out about where the kids are playing).

Maybe I can just put wood in the kitchen (see previous kitchen posts for gorgeous contrast of wood floors and white cabinets) but I need to convince the hubcap that if its SEALED PROPERLY there’s no need to worry about spills and rot.

I was delighted to find laminate has come a long way in the last few years. There’s a huge variety of colours and grains to choose from and the really good ones look so much like the real thing, you’d never know the difference if you put the two together.

The only downside is it’s less durable and it won’t work with underfloor heating. We’ll probably go this route upstairs and in the bedrooms since there’s less foot traffic up there and little risk of water spillage.

And then there’s tile (yuck)… I’m not a fan of tile unless they’re big shiny white ones and I’m not sure that will work in a white kitchen. But maybe for the entrance hall? Plus can you imagine a tiled TV room? This is what I’m envisioning instead…

found on Door Sixteen but originally from Skona Hem

We’ve already got the fireplace (which we saved from the original house before it got demolished). I think this is screed on the floor above. Of course since the TV room is supposed to be warm and cozy, we’ll probably throw a huge rug in there and lots of big fluffy pillows and blankets. The only downside to screed is, its difficult to do properly, so I could quite easily have a complete screw up.

Any suggestions guys?

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