This weekend, we met with Emile at Sembel-it in Woodstock. For a mere R450, Sembel-it provides a design service where they sit down with you and work out an ideal kitchen that works with your space and lifestyle. This was just what we needed, ’cause while I have a very good idea of what I want in my kitchen and how I want it to look, I have no idea how to lay it out. Emile was brilliant, he thought of everything… from which side of the island the pullout spice rack should be on (given that I’m right handed and not left)… to a tidy broom closet for the corner of the scullery. We sketched everything out and he’s going to give us a presentation this coming Saturday. It’s going to look something like this kitchen I saw in Living Etc a few months ago and absolutely loved (except ours will be in high gloss white and stainless steel of course)…

The kitchen layout was a huge project that was weighing on us for quite a while, now that it’s out of the way we can move on to other exciting things… like bathroom tiles (why on earth is there SUCH a lack of variety in SA. And what little selection we do have is SO expensive).

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