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Staub vs Le Creuset

The Cape Town Good Food and Wine Show is happening this weekend and I’m hoping that now that Staub is available in SA, they’ll have a presence.

There’s much debate over which is better, Staub or Le Creuset, but after doing some research online, I’ve found that the overwhelming majority tends to lean towards Staub for various reasons.

  • They’ve been around longer
  • The pots have got basting spikes on the lid (which allows even self-basting)
  • They’ve got a matte black enameled interior with pores which allows for better searing and flavour retention
  • The knobs on all Staub pieces are either nickel or brass, and are oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • and it’s favoured by most restaurants.
  • Plus they look much better than Le Creuset (in my opinion. I tend to prefer the more rustic look)!

Do any of you use Staub or Le Creuset? Which do you prefer?


The Letterpress iPad App

Two of my loves – letterpress and anything Steve Jobs creates – unite!

Created by Graphic Designer and wood type enthusiast John Bonadies, the LetterMpress iPad App is a virtual letterpress environment in which you can mix colours, set type as you would on a real press (the letters appear backwards in the press bed) and store your designs in digital galley trays. Yeah, you’ve got to be a real typography geek to love this one, and I’m not ashamed of it, so I’m sure there’s more of you out there!