Mango Spring/Summer 2011 Jet Set Style

I’m heading off to NYC next Thursday! Hope I can look this stylish in transit!


The Letterpress iPad App

Two of my loves – letterpress and anything Steve Jobs creates – unite!

Created by Graphic Designer and wood type enthusiast John Bonadies, the LetterMpress iPad App is a virtual letterpress environment in which you can mix colours, set type as you would on a real press (the letters appear backwards in the press bed) and store your designs in digital galley trays. Yeah, you’ve got to be a real typography geek to love this one, and I’m not ashamed of it, so I’m sure there’s more of you out there!

Book Nook

One thing I really want to include in this house was an old fashioned library with ladders (like the bookshop Audrey Hepburn worked at in Funny Face). I’ve always been obsessed with books… the smell of a new book… the way the smooth, shiny spines look when lined up neatly on a shelf. They have such a cozy, nostalgic feel to them. Our book nook is going to be in the upstairs landing of the house in what our architect likes to call the “pajama lounge”. Here’s some pics I hope to draw some inspiration from when it comes time to build our book nook…

Emily Gilbert via Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Not sure where this one is from. Anyone know?

Making it Lovely

Making it Lovely

Design Sponge

Diane Bergeron via Fave Pretty Things

Abigail Ahern and Graham Atkins Hughes via Being Brazen

The Cross Decor & design via Design Sponge

Blue Pool Road

Hot Winter Looks from Country Road

Can’t wait for Country Road winter stock to arrive at Woolies!

Sunny Face

In tribute to Audrey and the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Oliver Goldsmith is releasing an exact replica of the Manhattan frames worn by Holly Golightly. They come in six colour combos, but die hard Hepburn fans will love the iconic tortoiseshell with green lenses.

Est Magazine

Australian-based Est Magazine launched this week. According to their site, Est offers its time poor & inspiration starved readers a new age glossy magazine. Est is all about inspiration, giving readers a contemporary interactive resource and providing a platform to showcase the very best in the world of design.

Hot Clip

I hate that we don’t have central heating/cooling in South Africa. Cape Town winters can be quite severe and the only options we have are those ugly fin heaters (looks kind of like those old radiators you find in British homes) or big gas heaters (resembles a stove). The tidy panel heaters aren’t bad and I’ll probably go that route since they’re the most energy efficient, but check out these cute radiators from Italian-based Sciroccoh. Now if only they made air conditioners!

found in the April 2011 issue of Livingetc.