Bootie Call

With the cooler mornings and evenings, autumn is definitely in the air. Which, to me, is synonymous with boots boots boots! Check out these awesome booties I’ve spotted in the shops this weekend! I want them all! Sigh!

1. Candra High Heel, Country Road 2.Victorian Ankle Boot, Woolworths
3. Gretta Desert Boot, Country Road 4. Wootan, Aldo
5. Multi Buckle Laceup Boot, Luella R999 6. Griem Ankle Boots, Aldo



This weekend, we met with Emile at Sembel-it in Woodstock. For a mere R450, Sembel-it provides a design service where they sit down with you and work out an ideal kitchen that works with your space and lifestyle. This was just what we needed, ’cause while I have a very good idea of what I want in my kitchen and how I want it to look, I have no idea how to lay it out. Emile was brilliant, he thought of everything… from which side of the island the pullout spice rack should be on (given that I’m right handed and not left)… to a tidy broom closet for the corner of the scullery. We sketched everything out and he’s going to give us a presentation this coming Saturday. It’s going to look something like this kitchen I saw in Living Etc a few months ago and absolutely loved (except ours will be in high gloss white and stainless steel of course)…

The kitchen layout was a huge project that was weighing on us for quite a while, now that it’s out of the way we can move on to other exciting things… like bathroom tiles (why on earth is there SUCH a lack of variety in SA. And what little selection we do have is SO expensive).


This weekend, we went to a few flooring places near Century City to weigh out the various options. I’ve always been a lover of hardwood floors, but as I’m constantly reminded by my ohhh so practical hubby, there’s a few downsides to wood…

1. its really expensive
2. in South Africa, we wear our shoes inside the house and wood + stilettos = bad idea
3. we’re probably going to open the baby factory soon so we’ll be in for lots of toy cars and action figures banging on my beautiful wooden floors (and I don’t want to be one of those mom’s that freaks out about where the kids are playing).

Maybe I can just put wood in the kitchen (see previous kitchen posts for gorgeous contrast of wood floors and white cabinets) but I need to convince the hubcap that if its SEALED PROPERLY there’s no need to worry about spills and rot.

I was delighted to find laminate has come a long way in the last few years. There’s a huge variety of colours and grains to choose from and the really good ones look so much like the real thing, you’d never know the difference if you put the two together.

The only downside is it’s less durable and it won’t work with underfloor heating. We’ll probably go this route upstairs and in the bedrooms since there’s less foot traffic up there and little risk of water spillage.

And then there’s tile (yuck)… I’m not a fan of tile unless they’re big shiny white ones and I’m not sure that will work in a white kitchen. But maybe for the entrance hall? Plus can you imagine a tiled TV room? This is what I’m envisioning instead…

found on Door Sixteen but originally from Skona Hem

We’ve already got the fireplace (which we saved from the original house before it got demolished). I think this is screed on the floor above. Of course since the TV room is supposed to be warm and cozy, we’ll probably throw a huge rug in there and lots of big fluffy pillows and blankets. The only downside to screed is, its difficult to do properly, so I could quite easily have a complete screw up.

Any suggestions guys?

Kitchen Ideas

So now that the plans are more or less finalized, we have to start thinking about the interior. The electrician needs to get an idea of where we want all the plug points, lights and light switches so we need to figure out the kitchen layout asap. Its basically the only room in the house that has built in components so I’m not too overwhelmed. On my computer, I’ve got a decor file that I’ve been adding to for the last 4 years, and looking through the kitchen folder, I can more or less see exactly what i want for the kitchen.

Here’s a kitchen from Apartment Therapy that I’m totally in love with.

I just love the clean bright look of the gray on white with pops of green, stainless steel and open shelving. And I love the contrast of the hardwood floors.

Here’s a few more kitchens I love…

Simply Stated Blog Real Simple

London Townhouse Revitalized, Elle Decor

Style Files

Sneak Peek: Nikole of Herriott Grace, Design Sponge

Live the Emma, Apartment 34

So now that I’ve got my look and feel figured out, it’s time to get some quotes. I’ll have a bit of time over the xmas break so I plan to use it to do some research (if anything’s open, you know how December is in this Town… everything shuts down, and everyone hits the beach). There are so many interior places around but for now, I plan to hit Stockhome, Cabinet Works, Sembel-it and Inside Kitchens. Wish me luck! And if you have any other recommendations, shout!

So it begins

You’re now looking at a proud property owner. Actually, can’t really call it property, it’s more like a big piece of grass with an ugly hunk of concrete plonked on it. But i plan to knock that down and start again… so basically a 500 sq meter lawn. Building a house… I know… not the easiest thing to do. I expect lots of bumps along the way, but I also expect it to be tones of fun! It’s gonna be an exciting year!